About Us

Our Mission

At Alpha Square Group, we protect and enhance the investor's wealth with global networks and resources. We maximize and invest in next-generation innovations to lead and inspire in B2B software and fintech space

Our Vision

Our vision is to keep the momentum of collaborating with global resources and networks. We always stay on a constant lookout for new opportunities and empower portfolio founders as trusted advisors to drive the best business results for investors.

Meet Our Experts

Alpha Square Group was founded in 2015 to invest with visionary entrepreneurs and back growth to mid- to late-stage companies that are powered by disruptive technologies and sustainable business models.

Our senior advisors have deep domain expertise and decades of hands-on experience in the upper echelons of the finance, healthcare, and blockchain ecosystems. You may want to mention the team’s experience and number of deals, and the amount invested.

Our unique combination of worldviews and relationships allow us to connect entrepreneurs, investors, and executives in North America and Asia, as well as to model investments that help our portfolio companies thrive.


Our advisors have deep vertical expertise and decades of hands-on experiences in financial services, healthcare, and block chain ecosystems, etc.

Alpha Square Group

Renee Li

Founder & CEO

Alpha Square Group

Adam Goodfriend

Chief Investment Officer

Alpha Square Group

Eva Shan

Chief Operating Officer

Alpha Square Group

Wally Wang

Managing Director

Alpha Square Group

Christopher Aw

Director, Investments

Alpha Square Group

Ankang Ni

VP, Investments

Alpha Square Group

Will Fan

VP, Portfolio Manager

Alpha Square Group

Sebastian Zhou

Associate, Investments

Alpha Square Group

Miu Li

VP, Business Development

Alpha Square Group

Maggie Sun

VP, Business Support

Alpha Square Group

Lillian Liao


Alpha Square Group

John C Doherty

Chief Compliance Officer

Alpha Square Group

Rachel Zhao